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Author Visit at Etna Elementary — Etna, Ohio

I was lucky enough to be hosted by Etna Elementary in Etna, Ohio this week, and what a wonderful visit it was. I had a great time sharing my insight into writing Crime Cats and living in a haunted house with the students. And one student, Aidyn, made my day with an amazing piece of fan art that I'm posting here and posting in the Fan Art gallery. My thanks to the Etna PTO, their wonderful faculty for making the visit happen!

If you would like me to visit your school, just visit the Author Visit page on this website.


"Further Reading" in "614 Family" Magazine

The winter edition of 614 Family magazine appeared on racks around Columbus bearing a list of books by Columbus authors called Further Reading. I am grateful to 614 for being included—much less to be at the top of the list! Other titles penned by Columbus authors included in the round-up are Nick Wolak and Andy Ringo's The Feather Y La Luna, Iris M. Warner's The World of Maggie-Mae, T.D. Ashcraft's Bump the Monster, Jason K. Burke's A Lesson Learned, David Cuccia's There's a Crazy Dog Under the Palace, and Beco's Big Year: A Baby Elephant Turns One by Linda Stanek.

To find the closest location to you to snag a free copy, visit 614 Magazine's web site!

614Family 1.jpg
614Family 2.jpg

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