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Crime Cats Mystery Club

Crime Cats Mystery Club (CCMC) is a super-powered shelter reading program created by an alliance between Cat Welfare Association and Crime Cats author Wolfgang Parker! The program offers children an opportunity to connect with homeless cats in a meaningful way through reading. CCMC was given the OELMA Literacy Leader Award, which honors community organizations supporting literacy that reinforces student learning.

Readers from grades 1—8 are invited to read books from the CCMC’s on-site library aloud to cats in the shelter's shy cat room for 15 to 30 minutes at a time. As children accrue reading time, they become eligible for exclusive prizes!  Reading sessions take place at Cat Welfare Association (741 Wetmore Road, Columbus, OH 43214).

And did I mention there is a quarterly Heavy Metal Pizza Party for CCMC readers? No? Well, there is, with me, Wolfgang Parker!

We are accepting new readers now. Just follow the directions below—after you watch this short video about the program courtesy of our good friends at That Ohio Vibe...

Heroes Wanted!

So, why read to homeless cats? Well, the shelter cats in the shy cat room aren't used to humans, which means they have a lot of trouble getting adopted. But when CCMC members read to them, they begin to realize humans can be trusted, and and that trust gives them the courage to meet visitors to the shelter and find their forever home. CCMC readers have already begun helping our shy, homeless cat-friends, but we need more heroes—we need you!

Helping our cat-friends get used to people.

Helping our cat-friends get used to people.

Me (the tall one with the beard) and the Crime Cats Mystery Club—and Fred.

Me (the tall one with the beard) and the Crime Cats Mystery Club—and Fred.

Sign up!

Have a reader who's ready to become a hero? Mystery Club membership is limited to 20 readers per session. The next session runs from March — May. To enroll, send an email to containing the following information:

  • Adult's Name

  • Adult's Best Contact Phone

  • Adult's Best Email

  • Reader's Name

  • Reader's Age

Teaming up for adventure!

Teaming up for adventure!

Everyone loves Marco's Pizza of Clintonville— everyone !

Everyone loves Marco's Pizza of Clintonville—everyone!

A note from one of our readers.

A note from one of our readers.


If you have questions or would like to find out about volunteer opportunities, feel free to call Cat Welfare Association at (614) 268-6096 or drop in and meet some new cat-friends at 741 Wetmore Rd, Columbus, OH 43214

Parent Testimonials

Crime Cat Mystery Club was a tangible and enjoyable goal…Crime Cat Mystery Club was the perfect environment that allowed Colby to work on his skills and give back.
— A. Alfonso

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