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Come out to "CATURDAY" June 25th

Crime Cats is teaming up with Laughing Ogre Comics - High Street to help Cat Welfare Association (CWA) with CATURDAY!!! Saturday, June 25th at Laughing Ogre Comics. Cat Welfare is a no-kill cat shelter that has been saving abused and abandoned cats for 71 years and they deserve your support. How can you help? Keep reading...

ENTER THE CUTEST CAT CONTEST: Don't wait until your cat-friend wanders off to post their picture! Bringing in a picture of your cat-friend to Laughing Ogre and it will be posted in a window display and voted on. Every vote cast for cutest cat is $1 to Cat Welfare! The winning cat will have their portrait drawn.

DONATE TO THE SUPPLY DRIVE: Laughing Ogre is also collecting supplies for Cat Welfare (CWA) right now. CWA is currently in need of:

*kitten chow

*cat toys

*clay litter

*KMR (kitten milk replacement)

*paper towels



COME OUT TO LAUGHING OGRE JUNE 24th where I will be signing "Crime Cats" books on CATURDAY, June 25th, from noon to 3pm with my good friends—both human and feline—from Cat Welfare.

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