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"The Deadly Scarab" Wins Silver Medal in Literary Classic Book Awards!

Crime Cats: The Deadly Scarab has won the Silver Medal for Preteen Mystery in the 2018 Literary Classics Book Awards. This is the 9th award for the series, and hardly seems real. I cannot express just how surprised I am at the success of Crime Cats, or the gratitude I hold for my collaborators, supporters, and reads. This has been a such a wonderful run. One which I look forward to continuing in the coming year with Volume 4.


'Crime Cats: The Deadly Scarab' Wins Silver Medal!

I'm proud to report that the second volume of the Crime Cats series, The Deadly Scarab, has won the Silver Medal in the 2017 Literary Classics Book Awards. Last year, Crime Cats: Missing had that distinction. I never expected to win one award, much less two years in a row. My thanks to the judges and to my collaborators for working so hard with me to make these books the best they can be.

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